Flourish provides an assortment of retreats for the wellbeing and longevity of Christian leaders today.


Pastor’s Sabbath Retreat (PSR) – the ten-day, intensive retreat with three months of follow-up coaching for senior leaders who are in some form of crisis, transition, or simply sense they are in need of an extended retreat. Since 2004, God has used the PSR to bring healing and reorientation to over 300 senior leaders!

Pastor’s Wellness Retreat (PWR) – this one-week retreat will advance the whole health and longevity of leaders, focusing upon their physical, emotional, relational, vocational, financial, and spiritual wellbeing. It also includes three months of follow-up professional assistance and coaching. This is an abridged version of the A Leaders Wellbeing course in a one-week format.


Flourishing Leaders – Want to know what it takes for you to flourish as a leader? This three-day retreat introduces you and your leaders to the components of spiritual formation and human wellbeing that are essential for leaders to flourish today.

Responding to Anxiety as a Spiritual Discipline – A two-day retreat helping participants respond to anxiety with peace-nurturing practices of the Holy Spirit.

Growing Through the Losses of Ministry – Losses are inevitable. This three-day retreat will help you process past losses and prepare you to grow through these milestones in your life and ministry.

Managing Transitions – A two-day retreat helping leaders recognize and manage the transitions of their lives.

Managing Ministry Transitions After Mid-Life – a two day retreat helping seasoned leaders navigate these significant transitions and turn their contribution into a legacy.

Practicing Sabbath – A two-day retreat to help leaders learn to experience the ongoing, renewing work of the Holy Spirit every week.

Life Rhythms –Discover a way of life with God which is fitting, sustainable, and life-giving. This two-day retreat will help you create and implement a personal “rule of life.”

Marriage and Ministry – Learn to nurture this most important relationship over a lifetime of ministry through this three-day retreat.