Flourish exists to nurture the wellbeing of leaders. Our focus is upon the place where spiritual formation and human wellbeing meet. Spiritual formation and human wellbeing are interconnected and multi-dimensional, involving every aspect of human life: our bodies, minds, relationships, work, recreation, money, and environments. Our mission is to assist you and the leaders you care about in living well. Toward this end, we provide three main services: formational courses, retreats, and personal ministry.
Bringing together the best of the classroom and the intensive retreat experience, we provide formational courses for the health and vitality of the whole life of leaders. We host retreats on an assortment of important areas which are critical for the wellbeing and longevity of Christian leaders today. We provide a network of quality professionals who offer leaders a safe, private place to develop their lives, including spiritual directors, licensed professional counselors, life coaches and others.