Healing Prayer

Healing prayer is prayer to the Creator and Sustainer of life, through Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit, focused on the healing of areas of pain or wounding – body, mind, soul or spirit. Demonstrated clearly by the life and ministry of Jesus, God cares about human wellbeing. While healing prayer is not professional medical or psychological treatment, there is no conflict between the means of medicine, therapy, or prayer. God works in and through each of these means to restore human life.

We are inter-connected, whole creatures, and thus the various dimensions of ourselves can influence one another. So, healing prayer may target one area of our lives, but may move to other areas as needed. For instance, you may request “inner healing,” seeking relief from painful memories, emotional wounds, or other human hurts. Yet, emotional healing may also bring relief to particular physical symptoms.

Flourish has a network of broadly-trained, experienced, and compassionate care-givers who  specialize in various forms of healing prayer. They will set aside time to minister to you with sensitivity and confidence.

If you would like to sign-up for a session of inner healing prayer, or explore what that might be like, contact one of our prayer-ministry caregivers here.

Lorraine Kennedy

Robbi King

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