• Dates:
    • January 25-29, 2016
  • The Longevity Course
  • Christian leadership is tough! In fact it can be devastating and destructive. According to Dr. J. Robert Clinton, Professor of Leadership (retired) at Fuller Theological Seminary, only one in four Christian leaders finish well in life and leadership. Clinton defines “finishing well” as, “At the end of a person’s life, they have a vibrant, growing relationship with Christ, and they have essentially fulfilled their calling and left behind a legacy of righteousness.” We believe that God desires leaders to finish well and that it is possible! The Longevity course is designed to train leaders to finish well. The cost of the course covers the 5-day retreat intensive, presentations by 3 longevity experts, the Longevity Tool Kit, a double occupancy hotel room, meals, and 7 personal coaching sessions (during and after the retreat). This can be a year that will change your life and leadership for good forever!

  • $1499 per person
  • $499.66 initial and 2 monthly @ $499.67