Renae Norwood, Spiritual Director

Renae was raised by educators and traveled around the world before she entered the second grade. She loves reading and learning and creativity. Having people in her home is delightful to her and her husband of 41 years, Steve. Owning their own business has pushed them into the arms of God, over and over again through the ups and downs of the years.

Renae has trained with Sustainable Faith and has hosted and led cohorts for them since 2011 in Texas and Iowa. It is an honor for her to walk with others as they slow down and pay attention to their relationship with God. She sees great beauty and worth in people. She is totally in awe of the long, slow work of God in lives. She has been called to follow Jesus into change and uncertainty in her life and is learning more and more to befriend mystery. It has helped her to walk with others in stormy seas with hope.

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