Personal Ministry

Flourish provides a network of quality professionals who offer leaders a safe, private place to develop their lives. We have specialists to assist you in the major areas that contribute to your well-being. For the sake of God’s glory and for your good, from whom could you most benefit today?

Spiritual Directors – mature disciples and good listeners who walk alongside another disciple, discerning together the movements of God’s Spirit and grace in the directee’s life. The ancient charism of spiritual direction facilitates attentiveness to the Presence of God in our lives and our human responses. Growth in this most important relationship is essential for Christian leadership.

Professional Counselors – licensed professional counselors (LPC) and licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFT) help individuals and couples grow through any number of relational and emotional challenges, giving particular attention to those challenges unique to Christian leaders.

Life Coaches – expert assistants in helping individuals discover and reach important goals and implement lifestyle changes. The impetus and direction of the goals and changes rests within the person being coached. Through careful listening, evocative questions, and encouraging accountability, the coach assists the person in moving forward with clarity and momentum that they would not have likely found on their own.

Dietitians – today’s world contains more food-like substances and fad diets than any previous time. Dietitians are well-trained specialists who can help you navigate one of the fundamental building blocks of our physical well-being, our food.

Personal Trainers – Lifestyle changes are difficult to make. A personal trainer can assist you with expertise and accountability to help you not only get into shape, but develop a physically-healthy lifestyle of exercise.

Financial Advisors – the weight of fiancial strain hinders many leaders. On the other hand, well-managed personal finances provides a sense of stability and freedom. Our financial advisors can assist you in becoming good stewards for the sake of your life and ministry.

Healing Prayer – As the Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer of all things, our Lord who has revealed Himself personally in Jesus Christ is clearly on the side of healing and human flourishing. Whether the hurts and struggles in your life are mental, emotional, relational, physical, or spiritual, we have broadly-trained, experienced, and compassionate people who are ready to collaborate with the Holy Spirit in prayer for you.