Mike Harder, Spiritual Director

Mike has been a pastor, vocationally and bi-vocationally for 40 years. He believes the church is the hope of the world. Receiving spiritual direction has personally unlocked a deep awareness of God’s activity and care in his life. He is privileged to come along side pastors and leaders through Spiritual Direction. He enjoys listening and giving them his full attention as they discover God’s endless attention and love for them.

Mike has planted three churches, served in Derby England and now pastors Vineyard Church in Des Moines, IA. He was trained in Spiritual Direction with Sustainable Faith’s two year program. He has regularly served with Flourish teams for Vineyard USA’s Pastors’ Sabbath Retreats. With 40 years of life and ministry experience he believes leaders get to experience a flourishing life with God too. His joy in life is to help others live the life they never thought they could.

He is married to Sherri and together they love 5 sons, a daughter and 6 grandchildren. He loves to be out in nature, riding his bike, hiking, camping, and playing with his grandchildren. He has walked through cancer treatment and life after treatment with Sherri. His favorite saying is “The best is yet to come.”

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