Formational Courses

Bringing together the best of an intensive retreat experience, the classroom, private professional assistance, and a support group, Flourish provides formational courses for the health and vitality of the whole life of leaders. Their aim moves beyond cognitive mastery of information to the cultivation of lifestyle habits and virtues which are most-needed for the health and vitality of Christian leaders. Hence, formational courses are quite practical and deeply personal. Within a safe, encouraging atmosphere, participants are given the space and resources to pursue their own growth. Formational courses are structured as several two-day intensive retreats spread out over a period of months with weeks in between to experiment and reflect. The two-day intensive retreats provide quality teaching, contemplative practices and small-groups to reflect, share and encourage one another’s formation. The intensive retreats also provide participants the opportunity to meet privately with specialists to assist them with some aspect of their lives relevant to the focus of the course. For example, specialists may include licensed professional counselors, personal trainers, dietitians, life/wellness coaches and spiritual directors. Between the two-day intensives, participants have the opportunity to engage in relevant practices in their real-life context toward their own formation. Both contexts combined, the intensive retreats and one’s own life context, over an extended time are helpful for nurturing the lifestyle change and formation needed for the wellbeing of leaders.

Two examples of Formational Courses are  “A Leader’s Well-Being” and “Longevity” .