Brian Jeansonne, Spiritual Director

Brian has always been more intrigued with the questions than with the answers. This is perhaps why spiritual direction has been such a great, life giving practice for him. Brian had his first experience with a spiritual director about 6 years ago and has not stopped meeting with his director since. Through spiritual direction he has found a much more firmly rooted faith – even in the midst of questions – and has come to experience both his own life and the presence of the Divine more fully.

Brian graduated from the University of New Orleans with a degree in Psychology, completed his biblical studies through Vineyard Leadership Institute and has received 2 years of training in Spiritual Direction through Sustainable Faith.

Brian lives in New Orleans with his wife of 15 years, Kristy and their 5 children. Brian is currently bi-vocational as he and Kristy are in their third year of planting Mid-City Vineyard Church. In addition to the church plant, Brian drives the city streets of New Orleans for Uber.

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